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5 Causes Of Neck Pain

Written By ChiroSports USA on March 15, 2018

Neck pain can be caused by many different things whether they are disorders, diseases or just everyday tweaks in the neck. Here are 5 causes of neck pain that are common in most people.

Degenerative disc. Cervical degenerative disc causes pain in the neck and arm. This happens when a couple of the cushioning discs in the cervical spine begin to deteriorate or break down. When these discs break down, they are unable to absorb shock and the bones begin to rub together. This cause of neck pain can be genetic, but can also be caused by injury or overuse.

Muscles strains. Overuse can strain the muscles in the neck and cause tightness and inflammation. Too many hours hunched over your computer or cell phone can often cause strain in the muscles and cause neck pain.

Whiplash. An injury caused by car accidents will strain the soft tissues in the neck. These soft tissues work together to support your head and neck. Injuries that strain the soft tissue will hinder the mobility and movement of the head and neck. This causes severe pain through the neck and down the body.

Diseases. There are certain diseases that can cause pain in the neck. Rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, swollen lymph nodes, and more. These diseases can kill the movement and strength in the neck causing some pain. 

Poor posture. The alignment of the head and spine is in such position to support the head and neck and provide proper mobility. Spine Health explains that poor posture is the most common cause of neck pain due to forward head and shoulder posture.

These 5 causes of neck pain will create greater problems for pain in the rest of the body. If not treated properly these 5 causes of neck pain can also create serious problems for further injuries in the body.
Neck pain can be treated multiple ways. There are ways that the neck pain can be treated by a chiropractor. Depending on the condition of pain the physician will perform different tests. Here are a couple ways that neck pain can be treated.
  1. Ice and heat therapy
  2. Pain medication/muscle relaxants
  3. Exercise
  4. Physical therapy
  5. Chiropractic
  6. Massage
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