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Whole Body Cryotherapy in Pleasanton

Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the entire body getting exposed to uncommonly low temperatures.

By doing so, the body's natural anti-inflammatory response is activated and endorphins are released, which directly activates your pain relief mechanisms.

The process itself is fairly short, with sessions usually lasting between 1-and-a-half to three minutes.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy Good For?

By triggering the body's natural mechanisms, such as its anti-inflammatory response and endorphins, Whole Body Cryotherapy is an effective method for pain management.

For this reason, Whole Body Cryotherapy is commonly used in professional sports. It's also been shown to improve performance, as the low temperatures cause the blood vessels to constrict, then dilate.

Due to his process, you produce more highly oxygenated blood, which increases your body's strength, stamina, and ability to repair itself.

Cryotherapy Might Be the Treatment For You

Whether you're experiencing pain, are looking to boost your physical performance, or just want to look younger, Cryotherapy features many benefits.

Are you interested in trying cryotherapy? Make an appointment with ChiroSports USA. We'll do everything in our power to help your body help itself.

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