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Power Vibe - Whole Body Vibration

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Experience the rejuvenating, strengthening, health-building, and detoxifying benefits of the Power Vibe we offer. Power Vibe creates Whole Body Vibration, which is a tool used in training and therapy that offers numerous physiological and neuromuscular benefits. When compared to conventional exercise, WBV yields accelerated results, making it popular among athletes and personal trainers, who use the technology for everything ranging from strength and speed training to workout recovery and injury rehabilitation. Health care professionals use the technology to treat back pain, poor circulation, and a whole host of other conditions. Many fitness-minded individuals are also discovering and using WBV on their own and deriving a multitude of benefits from the new technology.

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During the space race in the 1960s, the Russians moved vibration technology forward to how we know it today. Exposure to zero gravity conditions caused deterioration of bone density and muscle tissue for early space travelers. To combat this, the Soviets used the concept of “weight bearing load” exercise to develop the first WBV machines. They found that when a person performs various positions on top of a rapidly vibrating platform, the body experiences benefits associated with weight-bearing load exercise and increased muscle contractions. This helped reverse the negative effects of bone loss and muscle atrophy.


Power Vibe

Universities, doctors and other leading professionals all around the world have studied the benefits and application of whole body vibration exercise and therapy for 40+ years.

Click here to download a Summary of WBV Research that’s been published on a wide range of topics over the years.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers a number of benefits that have been recognized and embraced by a wide cross-section of professionals from medical, athletic, and wellness specialists. This widespread recognition of the value of WBV in treating a range of conditions is steadily increasing, as the use of this helpful tool becomes part of standard treatment protocols in all types of settings.

The following are several of the many practical benefits WBV technology offers users for enhancing health, wellness, and fitness:

  • Better Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Boosts energy and mental awareness
  • Improves balance, stability & coordination
  • Increases metabolism to aid in weight loss
  • Builds stronger bones

How WBV Works

WBV machines use a controlled motion (the vibrating platform) to induce muscular activation and other physiological responses throughout the body. Compared to conventional exercise, WBV yields more results because the body is exposed to rapid stimuli that force physiological and neuromuscular responses. The rapid motion of the machine’s platform causes body tissues to respond in several positive ways, including:

Blood flow increases significantly, pumping more health-building oxygen throughout the body to support vital physiological processes.

Lymphatic drainage improves, promoting tissue and organ system detoxification.

The skeletal system receives a vigorous workout that contributes to increased bone mineral density – often bringing more dramatic bone-strengthening results than conventional weight-bearing exercise.

When a WBV machine is in use, the body part that makes contact with the vibrating platform and the position of that body part on the platform determines which body tissues will be affected by the therapy. This makes it easy to target the specific body part that needs a workout and to control just how challenging the workout will be.