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Chiropractic Can Help With Fall Sports

Written By ChiroSports USA on November 1, 2021

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Autumn is officially here, and with the cooler weather and changing leaves comes the start of fall sports. Activities like football, baseball, and basketball require athletes to be in peak physical form. However, sports injuries can seriously affect an athlete’s performance and overall health. At ChiroSports USA in Union City, CA, our sports-focused approach allows us to get our patients back on the field in no time. 

Services Offered

If your sports injury is preventing you from playing the sport you love, our services can help. Most of our treatments are non-invasive and require no prescription drugs, so you can get back to the game without having to endure a lengthy recovery period. 


Chiropractic treatments are an extremely common and effective method of treating sports injuries. The process focuses on the spinal cord, which is the center of your nervous system. By going right to the source of your discomfort, our chiropractic doctors can heal you from the inside out as opposed to simply treating your symptoms. 


Cryotherapy exposes the body to lower temperatures than it typically encounters. This procedure increases your body’s anti-inflammatory response and releases a host of endorphins, which work to relieve your pain and decrease discomfort. Cryotherapy can also improve your athletic performance, leading to its frequent use in the world of professional sports. 

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another non-invasive procedure that is often used to treat sports injuries. The light energy activates a photochemical response in your muscular tissues. This process reduces inflammation and decreases your body’s pain response. Laser therapy is an effective alternative to invasive surgeries and does not require rest periods that can impact your sports seasons. 

Customized Treatment

If you’re unsure of the solution for your sports injury, your doctor will be more than happy to conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition. After studying your results, your doctor will work with you to determine a customized treatment plan. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

If a sports injury is keeping you off the court or away from the gridiron, our expert staff at ChiroSports USA can get you back in fighting shape. To schedule an appointment, call (510) 475-1858 or send us a message here.

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