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Category: Laser Therapy

Treating Your Knee Pain with the LightForce Laser

Written By ChiroSports USA on July 30, 2021

Since the knee is a weight-bearing joint, it’s often subjected to damage due to wear and tear over time. In addition, sports activities and daily living activities can result in strain, inflammation, and pain. If you’re experiencing an acute knee... Read More

A Look at Laser Therapy for Elbow Pain

Written By ChiroSports USA on June 30, 2021

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, modern chiropractors have many tools at their fingertips to help their patients recover from acute injuries and chronic conditions. If you have elbow pain and related symptoms, for example, Dr. Abdollah Nejad, D.C. at ChiroSports USA... Read More

Can Laser Therapy Treat Knee Pain?

Written By ChiroSports USA on April 3, 2020

Knee pain is considered one of the most common ailments suffered amongst Americans. Thanks to sports injuries, accidents, and general wear and tear, more patients are seeking out treatment options for their knee pain. While gentle stretching and regular physical... Read More

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